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Liberty & Constitutional Claims

The late Alaska Supreme Court Justice Jay Rabinowitz once explained the Alaska character writing that

Our territory and now state has traditionally been the home of people who prize their individuality and who have chosen to settle or to continue living here in order to achieve a measure of control over their own lifestyles which is now virtually unattainable in many of our sister states.[1]

To preserve that right to be let alone, it is sometimes necessary to challenge the states's intereference in the fundamental rights and liberties of citizens.
We take pride in representing clients who are currently asserting their liberty/free exercise rights in the face of the state's attempt to impose a single, antiquated TB test upon every school child in this state. Liberty lives only where people will stand and defend her.

[1] Ravin v. State, 537 P.2d 494, 504 (Alaska 1975)