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Consumer Rights - Debt Collector Abuses - Lemon Law

It seems that every day the unscrupulous operators develop a new way to abuse and take advantage of Alaskans. Often they prey on the most vulnerable. However there are state and federal laws that can offer protection. You may be able to recover your damages and have your attorney fees paid.

Every problem does not have a legal solution, but we can listen and help you explore your options. Contact us if you are the victim of unfair trade practices, abusive debt collectors, retaliatory landlords, harrassing phone calls or have been  stuck with a lemon.

Key consumer rights laws include-

* Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
* Alaska Unfair Trade Practices & Consumer Protection Act
* Telephone Consumer Protection Act
* Truth in Lending Act
* Fair Credit Reporting Act
* Alaska Landlord Tenant Act
* Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (Very strong protections if active duty)
* Alaska Lemon Law
If you have a problem, it is critical that you save all documents and make a record of all contacts by debt collectors or others you suspect of violating your rights. The better your documentation, the better chance we have of helping you solve your problem.
Email or Call for free advice on documenting and preserving the sort of records you need to protect your rights.