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Empowering Alaskans, One Claim at a Time

On top of it all, even more than the lost time and money, the ultimate frustration for most of our clients is the brush-off; the attitude that "we will do with you whatever we want and there is nothing you can do or say that will change things."

It is then that an email or a call to our law office can help. Because this is what the law is about. It offers a neutral forum where the individual who believes they have suffered a wrong has the absolute right to call the transgressor to answer.

We can't promise a legal solution exists for every problem. But it can't hurt to call for a free initial consultation. If we find that there is a solid legal claim and a good chance of accomplishing a real remedy for you, we can determine whether you want to engage the Law Office of Paul H. Bratton to act as your advocate.

And for us, it is immensely satisfying to help right even small wrongs, for ultimately any healthy society must give people a sense that justice can be found, at least some of the time, by those who are willing to seek her.